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Global reach, local feel

Only 2 currencies to manage while being able to transact worldwide. Bye bye to multi-currency forex rates constant fluctuations


Devoted teams

3E corporate structure leaves no stone unturned to offer 3E account holders the highest and most sophisticated service level.


That's the defining keyword in the 3E financial services ecosystem. All transactions, notifications and customer support interactions are performed instantly.


Secure transactions

When it comes to money, security is a paramount. Kindly refer to our User Agreement page, section 7, to know what are the rules/methods/frameworks that 3E actually enforces to keep your money, assets, and financial data safe.

Feel safe 24/7

Our security operations team is monitoring constantly for any anomalies and keeping up with the latest attack vectors to keep your data and money safe. We run regular vulnerability scans and use independent auditors for internal and external penetration tests and other security scans.


Data protection

We’re committed to keeping your financial data safe. To know how we collect, process and store it, please visit our Privacy Policy page.

Trust & Compliance

We are an upcoming regulated structure registered with regulators in different countries around the world.